About College

BESTIU is dedicated to provide the best quality education which is affordable and accessible to students from all strata of society. BESTIU aims to be at the forefront with cutting edge Technologies in teaching and in providing a holistic approach to learning. Through our social responsibility Foundations, Apna Desh and World Forum for Education, it strives to bring about awareness about many socio-economic issues in society. Our commitment is to set up a model university, which shall be the pride of the State and the Country, a hub for the highest quality academics and research work.

University is aware that Innovation not only means staying ahead but also staying relevant and sustainable in a dynamic Global environment. We mould disruptive teaching and learning methodologies to cultivate new ideas, enhance creativity, encourage collaboration and promote inclusivity. University seeks to enhance students’ intellectual and academic awareness through international programs. Academic focuses with creativity, comprehensive excellence and societal impact on innovations inside and outside the classroom, hands-on learning using new technologies. The distinct programmes offered at University come with a blend of theory and practical opportunities. Students are equipped to become agents of change in local and global communities with the curriculum aligned with the global trends that facilitate a deep understanding of global competitiveness, academic strength, hands-on learning of skills and first-hand experience of the environment and work culture.

The university plans to promote entrepreneurship-driven research and develop stronger inter-disciplinary programs in priority areas. Through Centres of Excellence, it envisions to promote the exchange of knowledge, attract investment from businesses, international sources and collaborate with national and international industries, agencies and institutions.

Education here makes the learners to showcase leadership abilities, to demonstrate understanding of the world of the arts, sciences, and technology, to make a positive contribution to society, to make reasoned decisions based on ethics, respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues and think critically and creatively.

Additional diploma programs are specially designed with core courses that promote critical thinking, competitiveness, internationalization, innovation, creativity, and lifelong learning. University understands the responsibility to prepare all students for a rapidly changing job market and get them industry ready.

Major Achievements Of College

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